Emely Grisanty: BIO

End of Act One: A Civil Engineer landing a highly desirable job after earning a Masters Degree in Construction Management at NYU.

Beginning of Act Two: The Engineer has co-founded Guacamolink Performing Arts in NY; a Hispanic theater company where she produced and performed in comedies for children about bullying; the oldest theatrical piece of the Incas for the Smithsonian Museum of Art; a Solo Act where she would become a soldier; a student and an old lady all in one, in honor of the great Federico Garcia Lorca, among other productions.

This goes to show one cannot understand a play if you haven’t seen its first act. A play, as well as life, should be experienced in its entirety, though perhaps not in order. There are many pieces of the puzzle, just like the beginning of Emely’s play:

A little girl reading books and stories until late at night, the same little girl standing in front of the mirror performing shows where she’s the only actor/director/ writer.
Now the scene moves on to her all-girls catholic school where she learned to set creativity free. She performs for years in that theater in front of 1560 girls where she set her roots and grew accustomed to having a voice, a director’s chair, a writer’s pen, an entirely unbounded soul.

Emely’s second act is very different from her first. So is her new audience, but the feeling is the same, she belongs. The audiences that come and experience her plays in NY and Europe, both in English and Spanish, deliver great satisfaction to the little girl inside of her, along with nominations and awards; but most importantly, she now has a deeper understanding that a great performance can become a revelation, an inspiration, a force, for the audience and for the actors alike. This is the way Emely has chosen to enforce change in the world. There is nothing else she would rather be doing, and no other form in which she would rather achieve it. The rest of this play, remains to be written.