• The Nightindale's Son - Solo Act with Three Characters

    Azul1 The Nighindales's Son is a contemporary play about three different characters performed by one single actor: a student in New York, a soldier in the Spanish Civil War, and Old Spain who represents the extremely conservative spanish society before the Civil War. They each connected with Federico Garcia Lorca in one way or another before his death, and they describe their thoughts, feelings and impressions of him.  

    This play was showcased in New York in the Fall of 2013, and in Granada, Spain in the Spring of 2014.

    The play has been nominated to an ATI Award for Best Actress in a Solo show.

  • Poems of Love, Madness and Death

    Azul1 Powerful theatrical piece based on the poetry of the Salvadorian Civil War survivor Carlos Ernesto Garcia. The play is a recollection of 22 poems from his book Poems of Love, Madness and Death that depict an array of emotions from love and lust, to lost, to death and incredible sorrow.

    The show portrays as a theatrical  embodiment and as a single unit the selected poems from the living author. This show was performed in New York in the Spring of 2013 and in Barcelona in the in the same period. It has been nominated to 5 ATI Awards for Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best New Actress, Best Direction and Best Production.

  • The Obnoxious Snake


    A musical comedy that teaches children about bullying  in an engaging and interactive way where the children become part of the play and follow two froggies from the valley being harassed by a mean, obnoxious snake that threatens to eat them.

    The play has been created for adults and children's alike, where they all learn the importance of avoiding violence, the great gift of forgiveness and the wisdom in unity and acceptance.  

    The play has been showcased as an example of the most effective way to teach children while having fun and making creativity and imagination a priority.

  • Valiant Women

    P4-Cover A theatrical piece of six characters, of six brave women who have withstand criticism, social rejection, and deep personal grief. And yet they have emerged as great icons of their country and of universal history.

    From writers, poets, indigenous independence leaders, revolutionary women in the political arena, researchers and singers, this play looks over centuries of history and proves the very important role of women in culture and society of any generation.

    The play was showcased in Paris on April of 2013. A different version of the same was presented in New York in 

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